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"Funeral Chasing": Stay Ethical San Antonio

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

When it comes to selecting a lawyer in today’s climate, a person’s convictions should be of highest priority when selecting a lawyer. Here at Martinez & Associates we take pride in knowing that our firm will work diligently and within ethical bounds to provide the most optimal counseling services. Unfortunately, there has been a recent lawsuit against a personal injury attorney in which it is being alleged that attorney is not practicing under the required ethical guidelines.

Texas Lawyer recently published an unfortunate story involving a prominent attorney who utilized unethical practices to gain more clients. It is our duty as a law firm to inform the public of unethical practices. The incident mentioned describes a scheme in which many people were potentially taken advantage of by a San Antonio based attorney. In the reported instance, someone came to the funeral home after a bereaved family had lost a loved one killed in an accident. The article states that the petition filed against the attorney alleges that a funeral director told a grieving family, at the funeral home, that they knew somebody who could help pay for the funeral expenses. The funeral director then opened the door for the family to be placed into contact with the attorney, who paid for the funeral expenses, under the condition that the family hired this law firm to pursue a claim for the death. According to the article, the lawyer would then pay the funeral home a commission, up to $100,000.00.

Martinez & Associates, PLLC, will be following this case to report how the lawsuit is resolved.

At Martinez & Associates, PLLC, we are proud to declare that many of our clients choose us based on reputation or recommendation. We give every relationship the respect it deserves and ensure each client is represented by a team willing to work endless hours for the right result. The foundation for our achievements can be attributed to the firm's ethics, trial preparation, and attention-to-detail in order to get the right results! We at Martinez & Associates take care of you as we would our family.

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