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Fair Compensation for Injuries from a Dog Bite

Dogs are considered a member of the family, who you nourish, care for and love. But when a dog bites and attacks someone, it can be a truly traumatic experience. Hundreds of thousands of people are estimated to have been bitten by dogs annually in Texas alone. A large percentage of these victims suffer injuries that are serious enough to require medical attention.

Who is responsible when this happens? The dog's owner. If you feel you have a case after being bitten or attacked by an animal, reach out to the caring attorneys from Martinez & Associates PLLC.

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Get Immediate Treatment

After being bitten by a dog, your health and personal safety should come first. Get medical treatment right away. But also remember that you'll need to identify the dog that bit you. If you cannot accurately describe the dog later, it can negatively affect your case.

Understand Texas's "One Bite" Rule

In Texas, the outdated "one bite" rule is followed in these types of cases. This means that the dog gets a so-called "free" bite of a person before the owner is considered responsible. There are some exceptions for certain types of dog breeds considered dangerous. However, this rule doesn't mean you have to suffer. Our award-winning attorneys at Martinez & Associates are here to help in every way we can.

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