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Why Hire a Local Attorney San Antonio?

Updated: May 17, 2019

Martinez & Associates are from here, live here, and work from our beautiful city, San Antonio.

The "Win-Win" that comes with supporting Local.

Buying locally has clear economic advantages when compared to buying something made in another country or grown several states away. Local ownership of business means residents with roots in the community are involved in key development decisions that shape our lives and local environment. Independent businesses help give your community its distinct personality.

When it comes to choosing an attorney, the advantages of preferring local counsel are different, but no less valid. Here we highlight the top 5 reasons to hire a local attorney:

#1: Strong Community Roots and Reputation

We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have built over the past decade. It is important in the practice of law. If you spend much time in a court, you will quickly see which attorneys have high regard (and which don’t). Local attorneys are more likely to take special care to maintain a positive reputation in their home court. They are more likely to come prepared with a thorough, strategic approach to advance your rights. This is not true for outside attorneys who may never appear in that court again.

#2: Convenient Location. Stop by Anytime.

A local attorney is preferable to a non-local is convenience. If an attorney’s primary office is 50 miles away, he or she may be reluctant to meet with you regularly. There is also something to be said for being able to travel from your lawyer’s office to the court in a matter of minutes. The convenience of being on your attorney’s home turf can make the process less stressful and someone will always make themselves available to you. Sometimes there just isn't any words to describe what you are going through and our clients appreciate knowing we are always available for them.

#3: Knowing the Right People

Working locally is a big advantage for an attorney. When you describe your situation, a local attorney can see how all the pieces fit together before the process even starts. If you received a traffic ticket, your attorney will likely know the officer who cited you. Local attorneys know the judges, the prosecutors, the court clerks and everyone involved in the legal process. Legal problems are resolved by people, not machines.

# 4: Pushing the Right Buttons

Knowing the people involved and how they have handled similar situations in the past is invaluable in many ways. For instance, some arguments are more persuasive to one judge than to another.

Every case has its strong and weak points. Knowledge of the courtroom and the players involved helps an attorney know which buttons to push to present your case in the best light.

# 5: Adhering to the Right Rules

Every court has its own specific rules of practice. The rules are extensive, and some are more faithfully adhered to than others. A non-local attorney can quickly offend the judge and draw a rebuke for not knowing a particular rule. Rules can range from whether to stand when addressing the judge to knowing who must appear at a hearing. What it comes down to is that there are simply too many courts with too many rules to know them all. A local attorney will understand the rules of the local court better than a visiting attorney ever will.

Our Local Attorneys

It can be a challenge to find a truly local attorney. Many large firms maintain satellite offices all around a region. They can meet with you in that office to get your business without ever really spending any time there. The satellite office can make an attorney appear local, without offering any of the benefits of truly local counsel. Make sure to ask the attorney how often she or he is in a specific office location before making your choice. Ultimately, it is important to find an attorney who cares about you and your family and strives to do what's right, above the case. We hope to leave that impression, from the very first meeting, in each of our Free Case Evaluations.

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